this incredible body of mine

I'm often ungrateful. Quick to complain when my body lets me down; when it's tired, aches, or can't reach its toes. Overlooking all that it does for me every day of my life - including staying alive. This incredible body that I take for granted lets me fly across our local rocky beaches, where others stumble and wince while searching for footholds.

September => Vitality

At the ripe old age of 31 my joints ache and crackle. This afternoon I caught myself taking a slight detour to avoid five wobbly stone steps in the park. I get headaches and I feel tired most days. This is not what I want my health to be like in my thirties, let alone forties, fifties and onwards. Over the past few months I have been re-reading many of my favourite books and reading new favourites for the first time. I have been enjoying the summer, watching new chapters of my life open wide, and watching new chapters opening for those I love. I have felt ideas simmering away, ideas that are finally bursting to be let free.