September => Vitality

At the ripe old age of 31 my joints ache and crackle. This afternoon I caught myself taking a slight detour to avoid five wobbly stone steps in the park. I get headaches and I feel tired most days. This is not what I want my health to be like in my thirties, let alone forties, fifties and onwards. Over the past few months I have been re-reading many of my favourite books and reading new favourites for the first time. I have been enjoying the summer, watching new chapters of my life open wide, and watching new chapters opening for those I love. I have felt ideas simmering away, ideas that are finally bursting to be let free.

What does intention look like to you?

Being intentional has no "one size fits all" option. It takes a unique form in your life, shaping itself to perfectly fit you, your desires and your needs. In my life (sometimes, sometimes not) being intentional looks like this: - Being present and mindful in even the smallest of tasks. - Being comfortable sitting alone with my thoughts and feelings. - Leaning into discomfort and fear. - Spending time with those I love and hearing what they say, not what I think they say.