Stoking the creative fires.

This week I spent two exhilarating days in a room filled with inspiration and creativity, at a workshop hosted by the incredible Shaa Wasmund.

There I met a man who wants to help men change their mindset about health and weight loss so they can live to see their kids have kids; a woman who wants to help women develop their relationship with their own sensuality; a man who wants to teach people how to access the benefits of meditation in a way that they can relate to; a woman who wants to guide small business owners towards business success; a woman who wants to teach people how to choose the best dog for their family… the list goes on and on.

Every single person I met had something in common:


Their eyes lit up when they talked about what they do.

Whether or not I was their target market (for instance, I don’t need a system to train employees in providing great customer service) I found myself hanging on the words of every person I spoke with. Some were further along in their plans than others, but all of them had a creative fire inside them that illuminated the air around them and drew me into the joy of their creations.

I’m rooting for each and every one of them to succeed in making this world a richer, more vibrant place.

quenching the fire

Being around so much passion, and letting mine free in that environment, made me realise that – instead of letting myself express what is important to me, what makes my heart sing, what makes me feel alive and purposeful – too often I dowse my creative fire with an overpowering slosh of “reality”. Which is really another word for excuses and procrastination. In truth I hide my passion from people in case I fail and am laughed at, or in case someone disagrees with my opinions and thinks worse of me.

And then I feel sorry for myself as I think about how great life would be “if only” I could do all the things I want to do…

stoking the fire

I have come away from this workshop richer in knowledge, richer in ideas… and most importantly, richer in my appreciation of the igniting power of passion.

From now on I intend to get out of my own way and learn to speak with passion and confidence about what lights me up and fills me with joy and excitement. I will acknowledge my unique experiences and stop comparing them to those of other people. I will stop hiding and instead fully engage with my creative goals and with the wonderful people I am coming into contact with.

I will write often, and dive into the other creative projects I have left on hold for too long.

What are you passionate about?

Do you talk about it loud and proud?

Do you bottle it up inside and think “maybe later…”?

What small step can you take today to bring this passion further into your everyday life?

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  1. T.O. Weller
    T.O. Weller says:

    Hi Eva! That conference sounds amazing! I hope to go to more of them in my future, once I start seeing a little more “cash flow”.

    Ah yes, passion. To make it through the years when I did what I “had to” do, I found ways to be passionate about it even if it wasn’t my burning desire. It made the work bearable. The thing is, somewhere along the way, my own passions got muffled. It’s taken a while to give them full voice again.

    Now? I absolutely talk about it loud and proud! I am a writer!

  2. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Hi Eva, I can hear your Passion being voiced out through your writing… I can hear your being wanting to embrace all that life can offer… Keep writing, keep creating, keep sharing, keep lighting up the environment around you.

    • Eva Eastman
      Eva Eastman says:

      Thank you so much Melanie!
      The same goes to you – keep writing, and keep lighting up the environment around you! I can’t wait to see what you produce! 🙂


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