Starting From Scratch

In April I began a new job and since then have been learning the ropes, settling in. I love my new work, I love the people I work with, and I love the challenges that stretch me as a person and push me to reach outside my comfort zone.

A particular challenge for me is the new, more frantic pace of life that has emerged. After two years of working from home, working to an external schedule is a bit of a shock to my system – starting and finishing work later than I’m used to. A haze of busyness rolls in and one day flows into the next; before I know it another week has flown by.

I have been struggling to remain even a little intentional, to shape my workflow and make my pace my own. Outside work my time is rushed as I work out how to fit in the things I once took for granted, time to spend with loved ones, time to be creative and hear my thoughts.

Three months in and I feel my neglect of writing as a hollow ache. I want to use this blog as I originally intended – a record of my efforts to become increasingly intentional, mindful, and an active participant in my own life. I want to relearn how to see my life as a cohesive whole, not broken down into two separate working/not-working me’s.

I am not certain of where to start, so I’m taking the pressure off. For the rest of August my aim will be to simply write, even if for only 5 minutes a day. I will simply write and see where it takes me.

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