What does intention look like to you?

Being intentional has no “one size fits all” option. It takes a unique form in your life, shaping itself to perfectly fit you, your desires and your needs.

In my life (sometimes, sometimes not) being intentional looks like this:

  • Being present and mindful in even the smallest of tasks.
  • Being comfortable sitting alone with my thoughts and feelings.
  • Leaning into discomfort and fear.
  • Spending time with those I love and hearing what they say, not what I think they say.
  • Being able to hear and trust that wise small voice within.
  • Living by choice, not by a default set by the world around me.
  • Acting, not reacting
  • Single tasking; giving my full attention and effort to everything I turn my mind to.
  • Progressing consistently toward heartfelt goals.
  • Incorporating joyful movement and exercise into my day.
  • Listening to what my body tells me it wants to eat.
  • Being aware of my environment; understanding how it affects me.
  • Keeping only possessions that bring me joy.
  • Choosing what I allow into my mind-space.
  • Switching off regularly to make time to rejuvenate and connect with myself and with my loved ones.
  • Knowing what I love; and knowing what I believe.
  • Standing for something.

On a good day some, or even many, of these feel alive in my life. On other days the idea of being intentional in any of these ways feels like a distant pipe dream.

I’m hoping that by focusing my intention on a specific area of my life each month I will develop the ability to engage my time and thoughts in these ways more and more naturally, with each month’s experience incrementally building on the month before.

What does intention look like in your life?

How does it look during an average everyday kind of a day? Or on a very, very good day. Or in a future life where everything is perfectly aligned. What does it mean to you?

Let me know in a comment below!


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  1. T.O. Weller
    T.O. Weller says:

    Hi Eva,

    Beautiful post. I always love your writing and it’s such a pleasure to feel your excitement about this new blog.

    Lately, I have so many lists of “to-do’s”: house, writing, teaching, etc… Even as I write them, more items pop up.

    I fear I’m growing overwhelmed, particularly when I wake up early in the morning: the house is dark and quiet — a perfect time to create — and I’m lying in bed, wide-eyed, trying to figure out what I’ll do from a long list of many things. Then I sit down to write my morning pages, and lists come out. Not good!

    So, I’m starting to think that intention, at this point, will look less and less like a list! It’s evolving into a paring down of things, unearthing what is essential, and then honouring what is essential. (I’m reading Greg McKeown’s “Essentialism”.)

    • Eva
      Eva says:

      Hello! Thank you for being here!

      Funnily enough, reading Essentialism back in August was what sparked the idea for this exercise in the first place! I realised how much un-essential junk sneaks in because I’ve got caught up in everything that life throws at me and lost sight of what’s actually important. And morning pages filled with lists is exactly why I decided I had to do this now rather than later…

      I hope you’re able to nip your overwhelm in the bud before it grows too strong. Have you begun your paring down yet? I’ll be interested to hear how it goes!

  2. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    Hi Eva, thanks for a great read. To me being intentional mean being perfectly in tune with my goals, knowing where I’m headed, what I have to do, and making sure that I’m doing everything within my power not to be diverted.

    • Eva
      Eva says:

      Hi Jamila, what a great description of what it means to be intentional! I love that you include doing everything you can to not be diverted from your goals – sometimes it’s easy to miss this part and forget that it can take as much power and intention to avoid diversion as it does to understand and set our goals in the first place.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. Tracy Brighten
    Tracy Brighten says:

    Hi Eva, thank you for inviting us to stop and think about what intentionality means to us. I can identify with many of your ideas, even though I need to practice them more often, but this one stands out for me: “Knowing what I love; and knowing what I believe” . When I act on this knowledge, I have intentionality, integrity and joy. In writing my blog, I’m combining my love of writing with my beliefs and it feels good!

    • Eva
      Eva says:

      Hi Tracy, thank you so much for your comment! I love your use of integrity here. I love the meaning of this word, and it fits so perfectly here; by knowing what you love and what you believe you can act from a place of deep honesty and wholeness. Writing based on intentionality, integrity and joy is the best kind there is – to write and to read! 🙂

  4. Joy
    Joy says:

    Hi Eva, I love the idea of “single-tasking”. There are times when I’m a good multi-tasker but single-tasking is definitely more intentional for me. I need that kind of focus. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Eva
      Eva says:

      Hi Joy! I often find single-tasking a big challenge because, like you, I can be a productive multi-tasker. I also miss the rush of multi-tasking when I’m concentrating on only one thing and keep thinking of what else I can be doing at the same time. But when I’m able to focus on that one thing I begin to sink into it deeper, and afterwards feel far more satisfied with my work than I would have otherwise. Maybe it’s not a matter of one or the other, but of knowing when each is appropriate?

  5. annepeterson
    annepeterson says:

    Appreciated your post. I think for me being intentional would look like me doing the next thing I think God leads me to as far as my writing. I’m so thankful that God made us all different. And more than that, that he understands our differences. When I was brought up we were all treated alike, even though all five of us were different. Knowing that God knows me so intimately and knows how I think, work, respond. It’s so refreshing because I can trust him to guide and direct me knowing what is best for me. And I can fight the temptation of looking to the left of me, or to the right at others and what they are doing and accomplishing. I need only be concerned with my path.


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