this incredible body of mine

I’m often ungrateful.

Quick to complain when my body lets me down; when it’s tired, aches, or can’t reach its toes. Overlooking all that it does for me every day of my life – including staying alive.

This incredible body that I take for granted lets me fly across our local rocky beaches, where others stumble and wince while searching for footholds. It lets me walk faster than the taller people in my life (which is everyone). In yoga, it can stand in warrior or balance poses until the cows come home. It swims in the sea, climbs trees and hills, rides a bike as far as I ask it to. It has fingers that can knit and touch-type and cut vegetables.

This month is my way of leaving default mode and re-inhabiting my body. Recognising its aches and pains as neglect, and feeding it what it craves to be healthy.

Every time I eat a banana or cucumber instead of biscuits, every time I go wholegrain instead of white, every time I get up a few minutes earlier and make space for yoga in my morning – it’s my little love song to this incredible body of mine.

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